Any car comes with a wide range of intricate components that work in unison to make the vehicle run smoothly

For that smooth functioning, the car requires periodical maintenance

Without periodical maintenance, the car may end up troubling the owner

Also, just like overall maintenance, each and every component of a car requires some special periodic maintenance

Radiator flush is one of the key maintenance work a vehile requires periodically

Here are some key signs that tell you when radiator needs a flush

Overheating of engine is a key sign that your radiator needs a coolant flush

Coolant dripping or leaking under the car is another sign that the radiator is clogged and needs a flush

Sweet smell coming from engine bay is probably because the coolant is burning and is a sign telling you to flush the radiator

Coolant is pink or green in colour and any contamination makes it pale and discoloured, which is when the radiator should be flushed

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