Driving a car in a cool cabin is a bliss during summer

Following some easy tips can ensure your car's cabin remains cooler offering driving comfort

Here are some easy tips to follow to keep your car cool even if you are not using AC

Tinted glass can be useful in keeping cabin temperature slightly down

Covering dashboard with a towel can be useful from protecting the plastic parts at the front of the cabin from getting heated

Always try to park your vehicle under a shade, at least under a tree

If you are parking the car in a sunny area, keeping the windows slightly open will let air in and out and will keep the cabin cooler

Using cooling cushions on seat and solar powered mini fans can make the cabin cooler and driving comfortable

Before you start driving, let the doors and windows open fully for a few minutes, as it will reduce the heat inside cabin

Keep the air conditioning system serviced o get optimum cooling experience from car AC

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