Motorcycles are dream machines for many riders

For many, a motorcycle means freedom to go places easily 

Motorcycles come with a host of intricate components that work in unison

To make sure the motorcycle works smoothly and without any hiccup, it requires maintenance like any other vehicle

The chain that connects powertrain with the rear wheel is one of the critical yet neglected components of a motorcycle

The chain catches dirt, dust and grime easily, which can impact performance and result in premature wear and tear of metal

Here are easy and useful tips to clean and lubricate motorcycle chain at home

Park the motorcycle on centre stand on a clean and flat surface

Wash the chain thoroughly, if possible with pressure wash and by rotating it

Clean the chain with WD-40 and using a chain cleaner brush and rag. Make sure to clean the sludges properly with the rag

Oil the chain and each ring on it carefully and ensure there is not overlubrication

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