A tyre of a car is the most important component yet most neglected one

Tyre care is a key part of comprehensive car maintenance

To ensure proper tyre care, one should know the date of manufacturing of the tyres of his or her vehicle

A tyre's manufacturing date is usually embossed in the tyre itself and is easy to read

Manufacturing date of a tyre is usually mentioned at the sidewall of the tyre in month and year format

This helps you to understand when the tyre should be changed, as per the OEM's suggestion

A tyre is subjected to a lot of wear and tear due to its direct contact with hard road surface and high level of friction

A worn tyre is prone to increase the vehicle's rolling resistance impacting the fuel economy

A worn tyre also impacts the vehicle's overall braking performance jeopardising safety

Hence, tyre care should be a priority for every vehicle owner

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