Petrol pump fraud is a common phenomenon across India

Many people often complain that they are cheated by petrol pump attendants

Here are some key tips to follow to stay alert and avoid being conned at petrol pumps

Make sure the meter is srt to zero before dispensing fuel to your vehicle

Instead of buying fuel of 500 or 1,000, try to purchase fuel of odd amount like 575 or 1,365, which makes cheating tough

Try to purchase fuel from your known and trusted pump or from a reputed one

Check which fuel is being dispensed into your vehicle as many attendants tend to pour premium fuel without customer's permission

If you feel anything suspicious, feel free to ask for quantity check at the petrol pump

Always ask for and get a detailed bill from the attendant while refuelling your vehicle

Make sure to tally the quantity of petrol you are purchasing with the quantity you asked for, the billed amount and the quoted price

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