How this woman drove a Mahindra Thar from Kerala to Qatar to watch Lionel Messi in action

Najira Noushad, a 33-year-old homemaker from Kerala, wanted to watch FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Noushad, a fan of Argentine legend Lionel Messi, didn't fly to Qatar like others

Instead, she used this Mahindra Thar to travel 2973 km from Kerala to Qatar by road

Noushad, and her adventure on Thar, have now become an internet sensation

She travelled by road, passing through countries like the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

Along with her five kids, Noushad chose to drive and travel alone all the distance

The Thar was occasionally transported through a truck before she could get behind the wheels again

She refers the Thar as Olu, or girl) in Malayalam. From Mumbai, they board a ship to Oman

From Oman, Noushad drove through UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia before arriving in Qatar

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