How recent cut in CNG rates provide Maruti Suzuki a big boost

CNG rates across the country have been slashed by up to 10 per cent

Rates in Delhi have come down from 79.56 to 73.59 per kilo. It is now 79 in Mumbai

While demand for CNG vehicles has been solid, there have been rising concerns about price difference with petrol falling down

Maruti Suzuki has the largest portfolio of CNG-fitted models & has repeatedly backed the use of green fuel

Brezza was the most-recent model to get company-fitted CNG. It is now the 14th model with CNG from Maruti

The most popular Maruti CNG model is Ertiga which has a high wait period too

Top Maruti officials have maintained that demand for CNG vehicles will continue to rise

Maruti believes CNG and hybrid models are stepping stones for an all-electric future

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