Manual transmission cars have their own charm to drive

They are not as convenient as automatic ones and requires quite some effort in bumper-to-bumper urban traffic

Despite the inconvenience n a congested traffic condition, many love to drive manual cars due to the old-school driving charm

However, some driving habits could be killer for a manual transmission system

Don't rest your hand on shifter to avoid unnecessary wear and tear of transmission system which could be costly to repair

Don't shift gears without fully engaging clutch, as it causes grinding of gears

Don't ride the clutch as keeping foot on clutch pedal constantly, causes excessive wear and tear for the system

Don't be aggressive with the gear-shifter, you can gently move the shifter

Avoid over-revving a stationary car as it causes wear and tear to the engine

These are some basic practices, following which can ensure a well-functioning transmission system for a longer period

Know how not to drive an automatic car
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