A few key steps should be followed to ensure a longer life for an EV battery

Besides riding behaviour, charging behaviour too defines the life of an EV battery

Never overcharge an EV battery, as it impacts the battery's life dearly

Don't charge an EV batteryover 80%

Don't completely drain our the battery's charge, as it impacts the battery chemicals adversely

Just like a smartphone, try to keep the EV battery's charge level between 20-80%

Having a fully charged EV battery is always tempting but don't charge the battery too often, as that impacts its lifespan adversely

Avoid charging the EV battery immediately after using the vehicle, instead charge it after at least 30 minutes

Avoid charging the EV battery under direct sunlight as heat is bad for the battery

Fast charging is tempting for you, but bad for your EV's battery as it basically fries the cells

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