Here's all about Liger's self-balancing electric scooters

Liger Mobility unveiled two self-balancing electric scooters at the Auto Expo 2023

 Liger X and X+ will go on sale later this year

 The electric scooters will be available for bookings in mid-2023 

These scooters are claimed to have world's first self-balancing technology

 The technology leverages core sciences, IoT and AI

 The EV firm claims that this industry-first technology will ensure enhanced rider safety

 The auto-balancing or self-balancing technology can be activated or deactivated at lower speeds

The Liger X and Liger X+ will come powered by a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack

 The battery pack is claimed to have been developed for Indian weather conditions

The Liger X promises a 60 km range on a full charge, while the Liger X+ offers a 100 km range
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