Genesis X Gran Berlinetta is an insane hypercar with 1,003 bhp power

It comes as an insane hypercar concept meant for Gran Turismo video games

Luxury carmaker Genesis has taken the wrap off the X Gran Berlinetta prototype ahead of its video games debut in early 2024

The car comes with an unique design featuring low-slung body, long hood, backward proportioned cab

The hypercar gets a grille and intakes that enhance its aerodynamic efficiency

The cockpit gets a simple and linear look with a yoke instead of a conventional steering

The yoke sports a digital display showing host of information, integrated rotary dials

The cabin gets highly premium quality materials including carbon fibre elements

Powering the Genesis hypercar is a hybrid powertrain that churns out combined 1,003 bhp power and 1,337 Nm of maximum torque

The powertrain includes a Lambda 11 V6 engine and a Yasa E electric motor

The V6 engine pumps out 858 bhp power and 1,071 Nm torque

The electric motor generates 198 bhp power and 266 Nm torque

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