From Celerio to Baleno and more, do you know what these Maruti car names even mean?

Maruti Suzuki offers over two dozen models in India. But what are the model names trying to convey to you, the buyer?

Alto - The name technically refers to a singing voice or an instrument note

The car has been a super seller for Maruti, almost like music to the brand's ears

Celerio - The name traces its roots to a latin word which signals 'speedy' or 'quick'

Swift - This is the easiest of the lot, isn't it. The name clearly means fast

Baleno - The hot-selling hatchback has a name that means 'flash' or 'bolt of lightning'

Ignis - The name is latin for 'fire'

Fronx - The crossover SUV sure has a quirky name which is a combination of two words - Frontier and Next

Grand Vitara - The second part of the name refers to a way of life. Together, it signals a big way of life

Jimny - The newest SUV from the company is actually several decades old in the world. The name itself is an expression of impressed awe

Invicto - The upcoming Innova-based MPV from Maruti is promising a whole lot. The name itself means 'unbeatable' or 'invincible'

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