Formula One: Amazing facts that make F1 cars and racers a cut above all else

An F1 car has around 15,000 individual components. There are standard parts, prescribed parts and transferable parts

An F1 car has to weigh a minimum of 798 kilos, including weight of the driver

An F1 car can reach a top speed of around 360 kmph

During a race, cockpit tenmperatures can reach up to 50 degree C. A driver wears two suits - one to protect from injuries & other from heat

A driver can lose up to four kilos during the course of a single race owing to high temperatures

F1 helmets can withstand extremely high temperatures, protecting a driver in case of fire

The engine & gearbox of an F1 car needs to be pre-heated else these won't start. This is why these are not used in 'conventional' sportscars

An F1 car can cost around $20 million. New regulations now require a max spending cap for all teams

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