Follow these steps to fix a punctured tyre

A flat tyre is a common concern and it gets difficult for a driver if there is no repair shop nearby

Punctured tyre not only creates a lot of hassle but can be dangerous as well

Fixing a small puncture in a car tyre is easy and can be performed by the driver alone

 It is essential to carry a tyre puncture repair kit that can help you fix the car tyre

Apart from that, always have a car insurance policy in place

Once there is a puncture, examine the tyre carefully to find and spot the leak

After spotting the leaking spot on the tyre, loosen the lug nuts on the wheel to remove the tyre

Then, jack up the car to remove the wheels

Using the puncture repair kit, plug in the middle of the insertion tool to push it into the hole

Keep the plug intact and after a few minutes, cut out the part of the plug that is sticking out from the tyre surface

Once the entire process is done, inflate the tyre with OEM's suggested air pressure
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