Five big reasons why buying an electric car in India doesn't make sense today

The electric car market in India is gradually expanding with newer options arriving in relatively quick time

But is it the right time for you to drive home a battery-powered car? Much depends on your needs. Here are five reasons to reconsider

5. Number of vehicles at home - If an EV will be your first car, it is mostly recommended to reconsider that decision. Limited range may rule out long road trips

4. Resale value - There is not much clarity on how much your EV will fetch in the seconds market if and when you look to sell it for a new car

3. Battery life - Most manufacturers offer a generous warranty on battery packs. Replacing a faulty or aged battery may involve massive costs

2. Geographical location - Most auto experts do not recommend EVs to customers who live in either rural or far-flung areas where 24x7 electricity supply is an issue

1. Personal finances - If you do not drive extensively, the cost benefits of driving an EV vs ICE (internal combustion engine) car goes missing

EVs are cleaner, cheaper and more fun to drive. EVs are also inevitable. But right now may not be the right time for an EV for everyone

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