Ferrari Vision GT marks entry of the Italian car brand into the Vision Gran Turismo video game

The Vision GT comes as a single-seater hyper-performance sports coupe

Despite the stunning design, the Ferrari Vision GT is not meant for real race tracks

The car gets sleek LED lights, large air intake, protruding fenders, sharp nose and tail

The Vision GT gets large air vents at side profiles and a huge rear wing

The Ferrari Vision GT gets a Formula One like diffuser and a semi-transparent central fin

A wraparound windshield covers single-seater layout with central driving position

The cockpit gets a yoke steering wheel integrating a screen and a transparent dashboard

Besides the digital display integrating yoke steering, the cockpit also gets sleek LED lights

Ferrari Vision GT gets the same 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine that works in 499P race car

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