Every fifth car in Norway is now an EV

Norway has been leading the global electric car adoption for quite some time

Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association estimates it will take less than two years for electric cars to reach 30% of total fleet

The share of electric cars in Norway rose to 20% from 1/10 in less than three years

Norway's capital Oslo currently has a 33.2% share of electric cars in the total fleet

Norway’s high EV uptake is fuelled by several incentives including reduced taxes on new EVs

Incentives and positive consumer sentiment fuels high number of EV launch in Norway resulting in more options for the customers

In 2021, around 40 new electric car models were launched in Norway

The number of EV launches in 2021 was higher than combined number of all new petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid models launched

Tesla EVs are at the forefront of the electric cars sold in Norway

Norway aims all new cars selling in the country to be fully electric by 2025

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