Driving on highways will be expensive from midnight. Here's why

NHAI has increased toll rates on expressways and national highways across India

NHAi has hiked toll fees across expressways and highways by up to 7 per cent from April 1

The decision to increase toll taxes was taken after considering increase in number of vehicles plying

The hike in toll fees, which varies between 3.5 per cent to seven per cent

In 2022, the toll tax range was hiked between 10 and 15 per cent

The Delhi- Meerut Expressway will see a hike of five rupees in toll fee between Sarai Kale Khan and Meerut

Toll tax for driving between Delhi and Hapur has been hiked by 6.45 per cent

The Eastern Peripheral Expressway will see toll fees hiked between five and seven per cent

The new toll rates for heavy vehicles have also been raised and are much higher

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