Driving in Delhi heatwave? Top tips to stay cool

A severe heatwave has swept northern India with temperatures reaching 47-degree Celsius in Delhi

Driving in extremely hot conditions can be challenging, not just for you but for the car too

Here are five essential tips to ensure that the effects of the scorching sun don't take a toll on your ride

Always look for a parking spot in the shade. While obvious, parking a car in the shade is the best defence against the heat

Keep at least one window slightly open. This will allow the hot air inside a car to escape

Do not crank up the AC immediately. This adversely impacts the car. Instead, open all windows and turn the AC to fresh-air intake for a few minutes

Invest in high-quality window shades. Tinted sheets are illegal but window shades can help keep a car cool when parked

Get your car AC serviced. Typically, AC servicing costs around 1,000 and can substantially increase cooling efficiency

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