If you ever drive in a thunderstorm, these tips could be your life saver

Driving during a storm could be dangerous as trees or electric poles may fell on your vehicle and damage it badly

To avoid such damages that can be fatal for your life too, try to follow these tips

If you see a thunderstorm approaching and you won't be able to reach home before that, it is best to park the car at a safe place

Parking the car at an enclosed space instead of under a tree or an electric pole is always a good and safe idea

Parking the car under a tree during a thunderstorm could be severely damaging for the car if the tree collapses on it

Instead of driving during the thunderstorm, park the car at a place and sit tight inside it with all the windows rolled up

While the vehicle is parked, always keep the hazard lights on

Avoid parking the vehicle at a place that is fully open and wind gusts are strongest

Avoid parking the vehicle at a low-lying area that is prone to flooding

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