Does your car need a brake pad change? Here's a quick how-to

Brakes are arguably one of the most important components of a car

To ensure maximum safety, it is imperative to keepĀ  brake pads in proper working condition

Here are a few tips to know when it is time to get those brake pads upgradedĀ 

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The driver must visually inspect the pads and should note that if the friction material on the those are less than a quarter inch thick, then it is time to get them replaced

If brake pads are really worn, then the car will also make a metal grinding sound indicating that those pads need some TLC

Some new or premium models have indicators which tell the driver if the brake pads need replacement

If the user of the car finds that performance of the brakes is lagging despite optimum pressure application, then it is time to go to the mechanic!

Know these tips in detail to stay aware...
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