Delhi to Manali in 10 hours at 100 kmph? This new highway is almost ready

NHAI is close to completing a key four-lane highway project between Kiratpur and Manali

The new highway, which is expected to open from June 15, will allow speeds of up to 100 kmph

It will help bring down time taken to drive from Delhi to Manali to around 10 hours

The highway will also reduce travel time between Chandigarh and Manali to just six hours

The NHAI has made several tunnels along the new four-lane highway to ensure smooth traffic flow

Overall, there are at least five tunnels and more than 30 bridges along the 77-km four-lane highway

The NHAI has also installed high-tech CCTV cameras, vehicle speed displays along the highway

The Pandoh bypass, another crucial section on this highway, is already complete

The highway will also have several amenities including medical facilities like ambulances

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