CNG powered cars have been gaining a strong footprint in India

In the last three years, CNG powered car sales have grown three times

CNG powered car sales in India have grown 31% to 4.21 lakh units in 2022 from 1.02 lakh units sold in 2019

Currently, four carmakers offer 24 CNG powered models in India

High petrol and diesel costs, wider CNG car portfolio, cheaper cost of ownership have propelled growth of CNG powered cars

Strengthening CNG refuelling infrastructure, new model launches and cheaper price are other factors fuelling growth in this segment

Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors and Hyundai have taken lead in this segment by launching a wide number of cars with CNG option

While taxis have been at the forefront of CNG transition, personal vehicles too are witnessing a growth in this segment

In between January and June this year, CNG penetration in Indian car market was 10.9%

With the growing inflation and wider availability of CNG, the growth in this segment is expected to continue further

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