Over 10 lakh cars are likely to be sold in the upcoming festive season

A 68 day long festive season in 2023 will begin on August 17 and will be on till November 14

The sales of the cars during the festive season would be buoyed by positive consumer sentiment driven higher demand

Festive season generally contributes to the largest chunk of total vehicle sales every year

August alone is expected to see sales of 3.5 lakh cars across India, believes Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki hopes this year a total of 40 lakh cars would be sold across India

Expect SUVs and crossovers to contribute largest chunk in festive season car sales

Rising demand for SUVs and crossovers have surpassed demands for hatchbacks and sedans

The festive mood paired with positive consumer sentiment would help boosting sales of SUVs and crossovers further

Both mass market and luxury segments would see spike in sales during festive season

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