Car brands that have changed logos in recent years. Take a look

Carmakers have been updating their logos more recently as a reflection of the changing tides in the auto sector. Here’s a look at the most recent logos changes by automakers

Porsche AG is the latest automaker to change its logo. The classic crest remains the same but with more pronounced "Stuttgart" lettering, new honeycomb vertical slats, and less spackling

Jaguar Land Rover announced its simplified new ‘JLR’ recently as part of its Reimagine strategy consolidating brands Range Rover, Defender, Discovery & Jaguar under one umbrella

Audi revamped its logo in 2022 and replaced the raised edges on the four rings logo with a more flattened version

In one of the more controversial logo redesigns, Kia replaced the traditional oval logo with a flattened 2D version in 2021. Users often read it as KN instead of Kia

Nissan also announced its new logo in 2021 marking a new chapter in the brand’s history. The new 2D logo offers a simple, minimalistic look that looks sleeker too

India’s Mahindra & Mahindra replaced its aged logo with a brand-new design in 2021. The new twin peaks logo is specific to the company’s SUV range

Tata Motors also previewed its new logo with the Avinya concept last year. The illuminated T logo stretches across the car’s width and is likely to feature on future EVs first

Renault decided to keep it simple with its new logo revealed in 2021. The silver diamond logo is designed using two interlocking angular lines. The new logo is yet to make an appearance on Indian cars

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