Bugatti has a metrologist. Know why

Bugatti claims that each model that it creates is unique and no two cars are the same

The ultra-premium auto brand takes several months to build a model   

To make these models attain utter perfection, there is a metrologist who looks after the manufacturing process

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He or she holds the responsibility to ensure that each of these components fit together impeccably

The designated person also investigates components that do not fulfil the technical and aesthetic aspect demanded by Bugatti car

A Bugatti metrologist uses manual tools as well as high-precision, state-of-the-art 3D scanners that comes with an accuracy of up to 0.005 millimeters

Bugatti says the expertise of a metrologist is not only used in the case one-off models such as La Voiture Noire or Centodieci but also serial production models like the Chiron

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