BMW R 1300 GS: Quick review

BMW R 1300 GS is the successor to the R 1250 GS

It uses a larger 1,300 cc engine which is smooth and torquey.

The design is a lot more compact and there is a new headlamp as well as tail lamp on offer. The turn indicators have not been repositioned to the handguards.

The chassis is new and the suspension is also upgraded.

Overall, the new GS is 12 kg lighter than its predecessor. However, it is still difficult to manage especially for shorter riders.

BMW has also added ADAS to the R 1300 GS. There is Active Cruise Control, Front Collision Warning and Lane Change Warning.

The rider can choose through seven riding modes - Enduro Pro, Enduro, Dynamic Pro, Road, Dynamic, Rain and Eco.

The suspension can absorb anything that you can throw at it. nly the sharpest of rocks and bumps can filter through the handlebar. Otherwise, the suspension feels very compliant and well-tuned.

The R 1300 GS starts at 20.95 lakh ex-showroom

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