BMW Icon is a super luxury electric ride on water. Guess the top speed...

BMW brand and boat maker TYDE have collaborated for an electric watercraft that oozes luxury

The BMW Icon spans 13.5m in length and claims to be the first battery-powered marine craft of its kind

The powerful electric drive system sources its energy from high-voltage batteries supplied by BMW i

A pair of 100 kW electric motors convert the 240 kWh of energy supplied by six batteries for an approx range of 50 nautical miles or around 92 kms

The entire watercraft is entirely free from emissions

It has an operating speed of 24 knots (44 kmph) and a top speed of 30 knots (56 kmph)

The BMW Icon also offers exclusive luxury, complete with a lounge area,  360° rotating seats, tablet-based infotainment system and more

Unfortunately though, no amount of money can help one to sail one of these home. The BMW Icon is currently a concept

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