BMW amps up EV production

BMW is ramping up its e-mobility production with an investment of 800 million euros 

This site, the Bavarian automaker says, will also produce its next-generation vehicle, the Neueo Klasse 

The company's plant in Mexico will produce fully electric models for the Neue Klasse

This plant is of particular significance to the automaker as it is located in an arid region 

The Mexico factory is the first to have a paint shop which operates without producing process wastewater

The plant also manufactures three models that supply 74 global markets 

In coming days, the Mexico site will feature its own high-voltage battery assembly line

The brand is already putting $1.7 billion in the expansion of its Spartanburg production site in the United States

By 2030, BMW is aiming to build at least six fully-electric models in the country

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