Bharat NCAP is slated to formally launch on August 22

Bharat NCAP is going to be India's first-ever dedicated car crash safety program

The Bharat NCAP crash safety program will be enforced from October 1, 2023

Under the Bharat NCAP, new car models in India will be crash tested and rated basis on their safety level

Bharat NCAP is expected to raise the safety level of cars in India, helping in reducing road accident deaths and injuries

Under this program, carmakers in India will be able to voluntarily submit their cars for crash testing and safety rating

The agency will be able to pick car models randomly and crash test them for safety

With Bharat NCAP launched India will be the world's fifth country to have a dedicated car crash safety program

US, China, Japan and South Korea have their own dedicated car crash safety program

With the Bharat NCAP, India will join the elite club of countries with dedicated car crash test program

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