Bengaluru 2nd most congested city in the world, Mumbai better than Delhi: Report

Bengaluru was found to be the world's second most congested city in 2022, as per a report by location technology specialist TomTom

London fared the worst in the list while Dublin, Japan's Sapporo and Milan were the others that fared bad

In Bengaluru, on an average, it took 29 minutes to cover 10 kms. It was 36 minutes in London

Pune did not fare too well either and was found to be the sixth worst

Despite its wide roads, Delhi was placed 34th most congested. 10 kms on average took 22 minutes

Mumbai managed to fare better with 10 kms in 21 minutes. The city was placed 47th

The average rush-hour speed in Delhi & Mumbai was 24 kmph. It was 18 kmph in Bengaluru

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