Apple previews next-generation CarPlay, more customisation for more screens

Apple recently previewed the next-generation CarPlay system as it inches closer to a market debut soon

First showcased in 2022, the company spoke about the many possibilities with the new system focusing on bringing more customisation to your car’s screens

The next-gen Apple CarPlay will not only be compatible with more in-car systems but will adapt to more screens within the car

The new CarPlay has been designed to be more flexible for most screens and layouts

Users can customise the font size and style as well as the look and feel of the screen to a design and style of their preference

You can choose from auxiliary gauges on the centre screen, navigation maps on the passenger screen and more 

The new system will also be able to handle climate control settings, drive modes, driver-assist settings, camera controls and more

Apple says it invites automakers to co-develop the user interface for a more on-brand experience that’s vehicle-specific

The next-gen CarPlay is expected to arrive soon but Apple is yet to announce a specific timeframe for launch 

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