Liux Geko is a tiny EV with lots of standout features

Besides its eye-catching design, the most interesting feature is the body panel that has been built from plants

This is basically an L7e heavy quadricycle meant for city commuting promising 150 km range on a single charge

The first notable thing about the EV is the sculpted design along with large alloys, sleek LED lights at front and rear

A carbon fibre like texture at the body panels also grab attention

Liux claims the body panels have been built with sustainable biocomposite materials made from plants, linen fibres and bio-resin

The monocoque chassis and bodywork uses the sustainable plant-based material

Geko EV gets energy from a 13 kWh modular battery pack that provides juice to a rear axle-mounted motor

This battery pack is claimed as recycling ready and future proof from all the upcoming advanced technologies

Liux claims the Geko EV is currently in concept mode and production timeline alongside pricing is yet to be planned

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