A more affordable Thar will launch soon. But it won't have this feature

Mahindra will soon launch the rear-wheel drive version of the Thar SUV in India

But the new Thar will not an off-road beast, something it is famous for

It will not carry the regular 4X4 badging Thar SUVs usually carry

To make it more affordable, Mahindra decided to offer it as a two-wheel drive

All features and specs of the Thar RWD variant has been leaked ahead of the launch

The new variant of the Thar SUV will be powered by both petrol and diesel engines

The RWD variant of the SUV are likely to be around 1 lakh cheaper than 4X4 variant

The Thar RWD is meant to target urban buyers who want a lifestyle vehicle without adventure credentials

Mahindra will also offer new body colours for the RWD Thar variants

Check all the features and specs of the RWD Thar SUV
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