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Sorry excuses for breaking traffic rules, and how you can override them

The most common ones include not wearing a seat belt or a helmet because ‘I am just going around the corner’ or breaking a road law because ‘everyone else is also doing it’.

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Despite India enforcing several traffic rules, there are people who will jump a traffic light, ignore a zebra crossing, or cross the speed limit.

And, to justify their actions, traffic violators come up with the most colorful excuses.

Read on.

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Excuse no.1: No one is looking

When driving at odd hours or on empty roads, people tend to skip a red light or enter a one-way street. Their defence is that since there are no traffic policemen around, they can afford to break a few rules. However, do they realize how fatal the practice might prove to be? This is because, just like them, someone else might have the same thought, which, in turn, might result in a collision. Or, the offender might simply end up hitting an unsuspecting pedestrian!

How to deal with it: Always follow traffic rules, no matter what time of the day it is, or where you are driving.

Also, educate your peers about the importance of adhering to this rule.

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Excuse no. 2: I am just going around the corner. Why do I need a helmet or a seat belt?

While covering short distances, people exempt themselves from strapping on their seat belts or wearing a helmet. The excuse is that if they’re going just around the corner, then there’s no need to go through “all the trouble”.

How to deal with it: If you ever come across someone who is shedding the responsibility of wearing a helmet or a seatbelt, educate them about the importance of these safety measures.

After all, accidents can also occur in a lane right outside their house. A car can be hit even during a trip to the nearest grocery store.

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Excuse no. 3: So what if I am drunk? I can still drive

Drunken driving is extremely dangerous. Not only do the offenders jeopardize their own lives in the process, but also that of other people.

How to deal with it: No matter how late it is or how long you’ve waited for a cab after having a few drinks, it is always better to be safe than sorry. A good practice is to book a return cab in advance as soon as you reach your party place.

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Excuse no. 4: Everyone else is doing it

If someone breaks a traffic rule and gets away with it, it gives people an unreasonable incentive to do it themselves. Just because someone else is violating a traffic rule, does that mean you have the licence to do the same?

How to deal with it: Remember what our parents tell us all the time? “If everyone jumps off a cliff, will you also join them?” Therefore, if you see someone breaking a traffic rule, it should be your responsibility to correct them, not copy them.

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Excuse no. 5: I’m late for my exam/office/meeting

One of the worst excuses for breaking a traffic rule is running late for an exam or a meeting. It makes people think that they have the right to speed or jump a red light. However, such tardiness can cost them or someone else heavily.

How to deal with it: Simply by planning your day in advance! You can also leave home a little early to avoid breaking traffic rules.

Road Heroes don’t give excuses. They encourage fellow citizens to follow traffic rules, such as wearing seat belts while driving and helmets while riding a bike. Road Heroes are also those who help road accident victims.

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