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Safer roads mean happier homes

“Let us all pledge to do whatever we can to make our roads safe and accident-free,” says Ram Bhargava. The 58-year-old has been committed to the cause of road safety ever since he lost his young son in a road accident. 

It was a pleasant, rainy morning when Pushkar, 23, went out for a joyride with his friend. Seeing an empty stretch, he revved up speed but soon lost control of the bike. As it skidded, his head hit a boulder and he lost consciousness, never to regain it. “It seems he had removed his helmet,” says the grieving father. “Had he been wearing one, he wouldn’t have sustained all those head injuries, and probably been alive.” 

Since then, whenever Bhargava spots anyone on a two-wheeler without a helmet, he requests them to wear one. “Some listen to me out of respect, others just shrug, nod, and look away,” he says wistfully. “But I do wish that everyone abides by traffic rules, and understands that flouting them can result in grievous consequences.” 

Why is it that despite clear, road-safety guidelines laid out by the traffic police, many enjoy ignoring them? “Yes, traffic rules are often taken casually. And I must confess that even I didn’t take them seriously,” says Gaurav Gulati who was laid up for several months after a speeding vehicle rammed into his car from behind, leaving him with broken ribs. “Had I been wearing my seat belt, I would, in all probability, have been in a better shape,” says the 36-year-old.

It is to reduce the number of such (avoidable) road mishaps, that Hero MotoCorp, under its CSR initiatives, Hero WeCare – in association with Hindustan Times – has launched a campaign to raise awareness and make city roads safe for all users. 

After all, safer roads means happier homes.

For this, they want every citizen to become a Road Hero – one who, leading by example, makes everyone around him/her realize that safe, accident-free roads can be a reality. And this can be possible simply by following four basic rules: 

Wear a helmet – All two-wheeler users need to understand the important part that a helmet plays in keeping them safe. That’s because it creates a protective layer around the head and, in the event of a collision, keeps the wearer’s head safe from injuries. However, road safety experts insist that the helmet must not be just placed on the head but tied securely lest it flies off or becomes displaced by force of an accident.

Wear a seat belt – Despite feeling secure inside your car, not wearing a seat belt could be a very unwise thing to do, for, it could leave you open to injuries in case of an accident. So, keeping yourself strapped would be your best defense against injury. A seat belt keeps you from being ejected, or even hitting the windshield which could prove to be fatal. Seat belts are essential even for those in the rear seats – they keep the occupants there secure should the car turn turtle.

Stop over-speeding & Follow traffic rules – Over-speeding is cited as one of the major causes of road accidents. And these can be best avoided by the simple realization that while speed thrills, it also kills. Road users must also understand that even while they may be following traffic rules there may be others who flout them with impunity. So, it’s good to be vigilant – by following traffic signals, refraining from talking on the mobile, not driving after drinking, and keeping track of wrong-way users.

Helping road victims – The moment you spot an accident victim, be a Good Samaritan and rush to their aid. Get timely help, or quickly take him/her to the hospital. Studies have shown that many road accident victims could have been saved if medical help had been made available to them within one hour of the accident. Remember, you too can save a life.

So, go ahead, follow these traffic rules and be a Road Hero.



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