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Giving hope to accident victims

A family who lost their young son in a road accident are now working towards the cause of similar victims.

(L-R) Keshav Walia, Asha, Vinay Walia, Anuradha Walia, Kong Posh and Yasu’s sister Sehar at the blood donation camp (Photo: HTCS)

“It is any parent’s worst nightmare,” says Asha, mother of 19-year-old Yousmann. She lost Yousmann, fondly known as Yasu, in an accident in October 2012.

Yasu was standing in front of his college—a private university in Noida—when a motorcycle bearing three youngsters hit him. The trio were not only speeding, but also riding on the wrong side of the road.

The impact of the hit was so severe that Yashu’s head struck against a pavement, and he fell unconscious. He was rushed to a hospital where he had to be put on the ventilator. Despite the doctor’s best efforts, the teenager did not regain consciousness, and twelve days later, succumbed to his injuries.

Yousmann’s friend Shantanu Tyagi has taken the pledge to become a Road Hero

It has been more than six years of this nightmare, but the memory of that fateful day continues to haunt his family.

“Our lives have been completely transformed by his death and nothing can fill the gap,” says Asha. “Nobody should be allowed to play with anyone’s life on the road. I hope the three young men have become responsible road users now.”

While a part of the family, as his mother says, “seems to have gone with him”, all of them keep Yasu’s memory alive through his books, clothes, and photographs.

Soon after Yousmann’s death, his parents started an NGO in his memory, called YBMS, under which they raise awareness about road safety and traffic rules through lectures in schools, road shows, and campaigns. The society also provides financial aid to road accident victims.

When the Kashmir Valley was devastated by floods in September 2014, Yasu’s family visited villages around Srinagar to organise relief camps and distribute food items and clothes to the affected people. Every year, his family also celebrates his birthday by holding a blood donation camp. According to his father, the initiative goes a long way in helping patients who urgently need blood. “We treat the camp as a happy occasion… when all his well-wishers and friends gather not just to donate blood, but also revive happy moments spent with Yasu,” says his father Kong Posh. He adds that Hero MotoCorp’s ‘Hero We Care’ initiative — to create awareness about not just wearing helmets on two-wheelers, but also keeping seat belts fastened while driving a car, and offering immediate help to road accident victims — is a step in the right direction. “We must all take a pledge and offer support to it”.

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