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Don’t just wear a helmet, ensure it’s firmly strapped, too

The onus of keeping ourselves safe on the road lies with us. Take the pledge today.

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“We need to glamourise the idea of wearing helmets. Even Bollywood stars are jumping onto the bandwagon for the cause of road safety,” says Atul Ahlawadi*, who survived a fall from a two-wheeler a few months ago.

“Seeing their favorite stars donning it will, I am sure, inspire many to wear a helmet when on a two-wheeler,” the engineering student, who confesses to not wearing one when he had the accident, goes on to say.

“I was visiting a friend and had to make a dash to the local market to pick up something for his mother. My friend was the pillion rider,” he shares.

As they were getting back, his bike skidded and the two youngsters were flung towards the pavement.

“We got only a few minor injuries, but I know that things could have been really bad — just a few inches away were these iron spikes jutting out and my head could have landed on them,” he adds.

This incident has had such an impact on Atul that he not only wears a helmet but ensures it is firmly strapped, too.

“Earlier, my friends used to laugh when I would insist that they wear helmets, but seeing how serious I am about it, they have started doing it,” he says.

The 21-year-old remembers visiting a relative in the neurosurgery ward of a city hospital.

“I got talking to a doctor who told me that the reason for many of the patients landing there was head injuries. And these, in most cases, happened because they were driving their two-wheelers without a helmet. This is indeed tragic — even the doctor wondered why people can’t follow such a simple rule which is only for their own safety.”

Atul, who is also part of an informal English-teaching programme (on phone) for children, often brings this up in his sessions with them. “One child told me that he throws a tantrum every time his father goes out without a helmet,” he smiles, and is glad that his ‘message’ is having the desired effect.

Having signed up to be a Road Hero, Atul is happy with Hero MotoCorp’s initiative for road safety. “Everyone must become a part of it and spread awareness about the importance of wearing a helmet when on a two-wheeler and fastening the seat belt when in a car, even for those in the rear seat. And, finally, when spotting a victim of a road accident, rush him or her to the hospital. Just following these measures will save many lives,” adds Atul.

To become a Road Hero, take the pledge below or SMS Hero Your Name to 8866001830.

*Victim’s name changed to protect identity

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