Will Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Read further to know more about flood damage coverage
Depending on the insurance plan you've chosen, your automobile insurance may or may not cover flood damage.
Depending on the insurance plan you've chosen, your automobile insurance may or may not cover flood damage.

Flash floods are a common occurrence during the rainy season in all parts of India. While we only see the damage it has made to humans, livestock and buildings, we don’t often consider the damage it does to automobiles. Did you know that insurance providers offer coverage for any damages or losses suffered by the insured vehicle? Read further to know more about flood damage coverage.

Will Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Depending on the insurance plan you've chosen, your automobile insurance may or may not cover flood damage. Unlikethird-party liability policy which is mandatory and provides basic coverage, the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy insures your car against damages brought on by cyclones, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters. It also covers losses brought on by theft, fire, accidents, and other man-made disasters.

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Flood damage can do significant harm and lower the value of your car. It may result in costly repairs or even a complete loss i.e., damage beyond repair in some circumstances. Though aComprehensive Car Insurance Policy is a lot more expensive when compared to a third-party cover, it might wind up saving you a lot of money, during such unplanned losses.

What are the Different Types of Flood Damages?

Floods, while they cause a significant amount of harm to your car, on the whole. It is important to be aware it can cause to each of your car’s components. Listed below are the different types of flood damage.

Engine Damage: The internal engine parts of your car may sustain partial or complete damage as a result of water seeping into the vehicle's engine during a flood.

Gearbox Damage:If water enters the gearbox, your car may malfunction or become fully inoperable.

Electrical and Electronic Damage: Water can impair electrical and electronic systems, resulting in a short circuit. In addition to this, the dashboard's warning lights might not work properly.

Upholstery Damage: Damage to the upholstery may result in wetness, due to water intrusion. The carpet, seats, and other soft furnishings can fall prey to this too.

How to Prevent your Car from Flood Damages?

Floods, while generally announced over the news during the weather, can also happen suddenly. If they do so, we might not see them coming, so damage to your car is occasionally unavoidable. However, we can lessen the impact or prevent damage to your vehicle, by taking certain precautionary measures. Listed below are some tips to help prevent your car from suffering flood damage.

Park Higher:By parking your car higher up, you lessen the chances of water getting inside your car and damaging the interiors, engine, electrical components, and mechanical components.

Keep the Windows Up: One of the easiest ways to keep water away from damaging your car’s interiors or any internal components is by rolling up your windows all the way on all doors. Any crack in the window would let water seep inside your vehicle damaging your car's electronics and upholstery.

Take out the Battery: If you know how to do it, unplug your car’s battery to prevent any short circuits, on the off chance that water gets into the engine bay and perhaps damages the electrical components.

What to do if your Car is Submerged in Water or a Flood?

While we can do all to prevent mishaps, there can sometimes be some casualties or severe damages when it comes to nature, leading your car to be submerged in water or a flood. Here are some tips to help you with the situation, if and when that occurs.

  • Avoid turning on the ignition or attempting to push-start your car.
  • Tow the vehicle to the nearest garage after disconnecting the battery.
  • Even if the water has subsided, avoid attempting to start the vehicle.
  • Check your car's brakes, because they are more likely to be damaged due to floods if the water gets inside the brake pads, lines, or discs.

How to File for a Claim for Flood Damages?

Despite taking all the precautionary measures, if your car suffered damage, the best way to go about is to seek your insurer’s help to repair the damages at the earliest, to prevent any avoidable consequential damage. To file an insurance claim for flood-damaged vehicles, follow the steps below.

Step 1:Inform your insurer immediately. You can either call them on their customer support number from the website or write to them to inform them of the damages suffered by your car.

Step 2: This is a golden rule with the claim process - collect as much evidence as possible for proof. Take plenty of images or videos of the damaged vehicle.

Step 3: Compile all the necessary documentation like the car's Registration Certificate (RC), Driving License (DL), soft copy of the policy documents, and other relevant other documents along with your collected proof.

Step 4: Register your claim on your insurer’s official website or by mail and fill out the necessary paperwork. Once the insurer has reviewed and approved your claim, you will receive your claim amount.

What Add-ons Should you Take to Cover Flood Damages?

Floods can happen anytime and it is your duty to ensure that your car is properly insured. While it has been established that a ComprehensiveCar Insurance Policy covers flood damage, you can also avail certain add-ons for additional protection. Especially if you live in a flood-prone region, it is recommended that you avail these add-ons to protect your car. Here are some add-ons you should consider buying to protect your car from flood damage.

Engine Protection Cover: The car’s engine is prone to damage due to water intrusion during floods. While Comprehensive Insurance does not protect your car’s engine, this add-on provides financial protection for repairs or part replacements, in case of damaged engines.

NCB Protect Cover:The NCB or No-Claim Bonus Protect keeps your bonus intact, even if you make a claim to reimburse for flood damages.

Return to Invoice Cover: With this add–on, the insurer does not take into account the current value of your car and you can claim for the purchase price or the car's invoice value, in the event of flood damage.

Zero Depreciation Cover: This cover does not take into account your car's depreciation value and pays for the car’s full worth, in case of total damage, due to floods.

Key Replacement Cover: If you happen to lose your keys or lockset during floods, this add-on will pay for the repair or replacement costs.

Consumables Cover: Unlike your comprehensive policy, this cover offers financial protection for replacing consumable goods like lubricants, gearbox and engine oil, nuts and bolts, grease, etc.

Roadside Assistance Cover: If you are stranded along with your car, due to flooding, you can avail towing services as well as 24-hour emergency roadside assistance with this add-on. Additionally, you can enjoy benefits like fuel refills, minor fixes, flat tyre services, etc.

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First Published Date: 11 Nov 2022, 11:26 AM IST

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