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After developing the adaptive cruise control, BMW Motorrad has now started working on an adaptive traction control system technology. This system is aimed to improve the overall safety of the rider by enabling traction control to kick in before a potential accident.

The new technology will be able to predict the road conditions ahead. Thanks to this, the bike's electronics (traction control system) will adjust the grip accordingly, instead of trying to stop the accident in the middle.

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Part of this technology will be cameras kitted at the front fascia for a full view up ahead on the road. The information from the cameras will be fed into the computer system of the motorcycle allowing the tractional control, brakes, and engine to adjust according to the road conditions ahead.

Traction control has been present in bikes and cars for decades now and it is certainly not a new advent in motorcycling terms. But what BMW Motorrad here is essentially trying to establish is to make it even safer. By design, TCS is a reactive piece of technology. And by the time it kicks in things have already taken a wild turn. With BMW's upcoming system, TCS will become a more precautionary tool that intervenes even before a rider knows about a wet patch around a corner or something worse.

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Needless to say, BMW will have to keep this technology tight and precise in order not to turn the customers away. More details on the same will be revealed in the days to come.