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In Pics: Honda CB200X first ride review

  • The new Honda CB200X enjoys placement in a very unique position in the Indian two-wheeler market. 
  • The 2021 CB200X isn't ab ADV, but a road bike with an adventure tourer getup. 

1/5Honda has given the CB200X a high-raised stance and tweaked the handlebar using raisers. It has also increased the seat height to 810mm (795mm on Hornet 2.0) using more padding on the seat.
2/5Honda says that the overall design of the CB200X has taken inspiration from other bigger adventure offerings in its lineup.
3/5The fully digital display on the CB200X gets a 5-step brightness adjustment, but the front windscreen remains fixed.
4/5The CB200X feels impressive for the Indian roads and manages to boss over all the undulations the roads have to throw at it.
5/5The Honda CB200X manages to come out as a sweet, good-looking and easy-to-ride road bike disguised as an ADV.
  • First Published Date : 25 Sep 2021, 05:02 PM IST