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There have been various instances where vehicles have been converted into recreational homes or even hotels but an artist has taken the concept of utilitarian design to another level with a mobile home atop an autorickshaw.

Arun Prabhu NG, architect of Billboard Collective, has designed a portable home - SOLO: 01 - that can be attached to any compact vehicle and has amenities such as toilet, kitchen and bedroom. The images of the three-wheeled home have gone viral on social media. The very first images of the prototype mobile house were shared on social media back in December 2019.

The housing structure has been fixed to an autorickshaw with just six bolts and can be unscrewed as well as attached to any other vehicle with the same space of 6' x 6'. It can accommodate an individual and has been especially designed keeping in mind the lifestyle needs and affordability of 'nomads' and people under poverty line.

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The three-wheeler structure can double up as a residence and a commercial space. Thus, it can also be utilised by a small scale vendor. All necessary spaces like kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, foyer, terrace area and additional space for vendor sales have been incorporated in the vehicle. The planning has been done in such a way that the kitchen, bathtub, toilet, foyer and living area are on one level. The sleeping and workspace are on the mezzanine level at the height of 3.5 ft.

The vehicle also accommodates a 600W solar panel, a 250-litre water tank and a lounge space with shade in the terrace. The vehicle utilizes reclaimed materials within a minimized space of 36 sq.ft. Use of discarded materials increases the affordability of the mobile housing unit.

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Interior of the three-wheeled mobile house. (Photo courtesy: Instagram handle - the.billboards.collective)
Interior of the three-wheeled mobile house. (Photo courtesy: Instagram handle - the.billboards.collective)

The vehicle's exteriors have been painted golden yellow which is predominantly used for commercial vehicles in India and its interiors have been given earthy tones, muted colors and monochromatic shades. The structure is also well ventilated throughout and has been designed to tackle constraints such as topography, material, aesthetics and weight balance.