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CAMI Terra Wind RV is capable of running on land and in water.
CAMI Terra Wind RV is capable of running on land and in water.

This amphibious RV does double duty on land and water

  • CAMI Terra Wind can run at a top speed of 128 kmph on land and eight knots in water.

  • CAMI Terra Wind is priced at $850,000 and comes with wide range of customisation options.

Recreational vehicles around the world come with some wild ideas. They surely are wonderful vehicles meant for a home away from home for the user. While we come across interesting news about motorhomes, this one surely will boggle your mind.

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Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International or CAMI has been developing a fleet of amphibious vehicles for more than two decades. One of them is the Terra Wind RV that looks like a regular motorhome and it can turn into a yacht as well. The CAMI Terran Wind RV is riginally is equally capable of performing double duty on land and in water. But, you have to be ready to shell out $850,000 to experience this RV.

It is 42.5 feet long, 102 inches wide and weighs 33,000 pounds. As the manufacturer claims, the Terra Wind RV is heavier than a school bus but lighter than a transit bus.

The company claims the exterior of this RV is waterproof. It has onboard pumps to fix a situation in case it starts taking on water. It gets a large swim deck that hangs off of the back of the RV. It can function as a dock for personal watercraft as well.

The interior comes with endless customisation options, as CAMI claims. To give a luxury yacht vibe, it gets marble tile floors, teak cabinets, leather upholstery, granite countertops and even a jacuzzi. A kitchen and a queen-size bed in the master bedroom are also there.

It gets a custom-built aluminium hull. The power source for the amphibious vehicle is a Caterpillar 3126E 330-HP turbodiesel engine. The fuel burner delivers power to the rear wheels when the Terra Wind runs on the road. When in water, the engine sends power to two 19-inch bronze propellers. CAMI claims the vehicle's low centre of gravity reduces the chance of rolling.

Speaking about its performance, the amphibious RV can run at a top speed of 128 kmph and eight knots on land and in water respectively. This is one of the most ambitious projects for the company. But despite its capability to run in water, Terra Wind should not be taken out onto the open ocean, claims the company.

This RV has a 3.5 ft draft and inflatable pontoons to ensure stability. It can handle up to 4 ft waves and up to 64 kmph wind speed. Waves larger than and wind speed more than that could pose problems for the amphibious vehicle. Hence, it is capable of performing its duty in water in lakes or rivers.

  • First Published Date : 29 Jul 2021, 03:49 PM IST

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