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The mighty off-roader
The mighty off-roader

The mighty off-roader

The revived Outlander doesn’t quite equal its rivals in the city; its show of strength is reserved for rough roads.

It's a fact that Mitsubishi hasn't had a strong run in India with most of its products. Take a look at the Outlander, for instance — a well made, nicely equipped and good SUV that's struggled here, thanks largely to the fact that its rivals, the Honda CR-V and Toyota Fortuner, offer a better image.

But Mitsubishi isn't giving up on the SUV already. It has decided to give it a makeover in less than two years.

The main changes are to the front of the SUV. It looks sharper and has more presence thanks to the big grille and new headlights up front, which are similar to the one found on the legendary Evo sports car. The overall silhouette looks identical to the older version, except for some changes such as a wider rear bumper, new fog lamps with a chrome ring and turn indicators in the mirrors.

The changes to the interiors are few, such as the sporty chrome pedals and the addition of a USB input.

You still get the long list of equipment such as keyless entry, cruise control, ABS and airbags, among other things. There's also the brilliant Rockford sound system.

Mitsubishi hasn't touched the suspension and the engine of the Outlander. As a result, it feels the same to drive as before. The 2.4-litre MIVEC engine feels eager to throttle responses from even low rpm.

Where the Outlander outshines most of its rivals is when you take it off-road.

Ample ground clearance, four-wheel drive and good low-end pulling power of the motor makes this a very capable off-roader. Even on the road it feels sure-footed through corners and the steering gives you good feedback. The ride is impressive, which makes the Outlander a good highway cruiser too. Priced at 23.58 lakh (on-road Mumbai), Mitsubishi hasn't changed.

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