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Rajasthan petroleum dealers' association has announced on Wednesday that the fuel stations across the state will go on a day-long strike on Saturday. The strike has been called to strengthen their demand of rolling back the VAT on motor fuel imposed by the Rajasthan government, as the association claims.

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According to a PTI report, the association's president Suneet Bagai said there will be no sale of petrol and diesel in the state on Saturday. The state currently has around 7,000 fuel stations, which will remain shut on Saturday.

The association also claims that it has already submitted a memorandum of demands to the government and there is still no positive decision by the authorities. If the government fails to take any positive decision soon, then the association threatens to go for an indefinite strike from April 25.

The association also claims that the state government had increased the VAT during the Covid-19 pandemic in a bid to generate additional revenue to offset the loss during the lockdown.

Due to the hike in VAT amount resulting in price increase for the motor fuels like petrol and diesel, sales volume of petrol and diesel are claimed to have dropped by 34% in Rajasthan, as compared to the neighbouring states, where fuel prices are lower. A major number of consumers tend to go to the other neighbouring states to refuel their vehicles, as they have to pay lower amount as compared to Rajasthan.

Meanwhile, the petrol and diesel prices on Friday remain steady across the country, as the oil marketing companies have not revised the pricing. With this, the fuel prices are unchanged for tenth consecutive day. The last downward price revision for the petrol and diesel was announced on March 30.

Currently, petrol price in Delhi is 90.56 per litre, while diesel in the city is priced at 80.87 per litre. In Mumbai at petrol is selling at 96.98 per litre, while cost of diesel is available at 87.96 per litre.

The prices of petrol and diesel are fixed on the basis of freight charges, local taxes, and VAT. Currently, the base price of petrol is 32.79 per litre followed by a freight charge of 0.28 per litre. In Delhi, petrol attracts 32.90 per litre excise duty, along with a dealer commission of 3.69, and VAT of 20.90 per litre, resulting in the final price of petrol in Delhi 90.56 per litre.