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If sheer size and road presence could bring in laurels, the Hercules 6x6 may have already won the top honours in the world of big and mean machines. That it claim to be the world's most powerful six-wheeler is an awe-inspiring extra. The super imposing truck from California-based Rezvani Motors has been teased and may well be gearing up for a commercial launch some time in 2021.

Rezvani is known to make some of the most capable and impressive products in the automotive world but Hercules 6x6 may well be its biggest dream project thus far. The company recently took to its Instagram profile to share a teaser image of 'God of all trucks'. This is the second time that such a teaser image of this particular vehicle has been released, the first being back in June. "In just a few weeks, Rezvani Hercules 6x6 will be unveiled to the Automotive world. Aptly named as the god of all trucks, Hercules will be the most powerful 6 wheeled truck on Earth," the caption accompanying the post read.

With enormous square wheel arches, the truck does appear to have a dominant road presence. Some reports suggest it could have more than 1,000 hp of power at its disposal to back its claim and name.

While it is not expected to be very affordable, the Hercules 6x6 is available for bookings in the US market for a refundable amount of $266.