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A video has gone viral on social media of a white Toyota Innova being parked and driven out of a seemingly impossible spot. The video has been watched and shared more than a million times already.

The video, shot in Kerala, shows a man deftly pulling out a big MPV like Toyota Innova, parked on a very small gap on the side of the road which barely fitted the car. The driver can be seen manoeuvring the white Innova, at times with its rear wheel almost hanging from the cemented slab above, what seems like, a road-side ditch. The video has left many stunned at his driving skills.

Later, a second video was also uploaded, probably just to prove the first one was not a fluke. In the second video, the driver is seen parking the Toyota Innova back in the same spot with equal deft.

Though the exact time and place of the video has not been ascertained yet, a local news channel traced the driver. He was identified as PJ Biju. He said that he had no idea that his driving skills have become the talk of the town overnight, despite having a driving experience of over 15 years.

“This is my friend’s car and he had some paint work to be done on it. So on Sunday I had taken the car to a place for the workshop people to come and fix it. This was when my wife shot the video of me parallel parking near our house. I didn’t know she had done that. Only when it went viral I came to know about it," he was quoted by the channel.

He also revealed the secret behind the immense confidence with which he pulled off the parking trick. “I have been driving buses, especially on the Ernakulam - Kannur route for many years. And those vehicles are 12 and a half metres long. So the Innova’s length has never been much of a problem for me. Be it any car, you have a mental picture of the size of the vehicle. It’s all about that understanding and confidence," Biju was quoted.