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The Model S prototype with the angled main screen.  (Reddit/todd2fst4u)
The Model S prototype with the angled main screen.  (Reddit/todd2fst4u)

Is Tesla developing new Model S EV with a tilted screen? Know here

  • In addition to the tilted screen, the new Tesla Model S prototype also featured a yoke instead of the traditional steering wheel.

With the debut of the Tesla Model S Plaid EV a few months ago, Tesla took the S range a notch higher. The EV maker also refreshed the Model S sedan recently but it might be in a mood to incorporate some more new features in the electric vehicle.

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A picture of an updated Model S EV with main interior screen in a tilted position has gone viral. The picture was posted by a Reddit user.

This model could be a prototype of the S range, sporting a yoke instead of a steering wheel with the main screen at an angle of 20 to 30 degrees towards the driver, Inside EVs reported. Now, one can only wonder if Tesla is actually planning to introduce this feature or it was on the company's cards but they eventually chucked out the idea.

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The report added that some Model S drivers found that the refreshed version does come with this new feature of allowing the screen to tilt but it has been reportedly locked and does not have the servos mechanism to carry out the process. The company might have abandoned the idea of combining this characteristic in the EV due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage. However, it is likely that the feature is just a part of this particular prototype that was testing the system but the model did not go for production, suggested the report.

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Many people expressed their scepticism over the Reddit post, saying that maybe Tesla may have ditched the idea to introduce such a feature whereas some expressed hope that the EV maker should take this forward towards completion. One also pointed out that the model in the picture had a different interior as the lower dash and armrest were in black while the seats and the side door inserts were white in colour.

One has to wait and watch to be sure if Tesla is planning to upgrade features in the Model S range or it was just an idea that the EV major toyed with.

  • First Published Date : 15 Sep 2021, 05:43 PM IST