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This photo was tweeted by @Hyundai_Global
This photo was tweeted by @Hyundai_Global

Hyundai's iconic logo represents shaking hands, so it is reimagined for now

  • The world has changed. So why shouldn't iconic logos?

  • Car makers are going the extra distance to remind people at large about social distancing and staying at home to fight coronavirus pandemic.

Hyundai has been known for its strikingly good-looking and feature-rich cars around the world as much as it is recognised by its brand logo. For those who weren't already aware, the logo represents two people shaking hands - a sign from the automaker that it holds customer satisfaction in high esteem.

In current times of coronavirus pandemic, however, social distancing has been widely advocated with even the basic greeting of shaking hands being avoided. As such, Hyundai recently released a photo of its logo reimagined to re-enforce the message.

In a photo released on social media by the company, the Hyundai logo - which has an H and is symbolic of two people shaking hands, continues to represent the alphabet while cleverly showing an elbow bump. "Did you know that our logo represents two people shaking hands? We reimagined it since #socialdistancing is important for all of our safety," the accompanying message reads.

Elbow bumps are the latest greeting popularised the world over with people using it instead of shaking hands. While world leaders have been widely seen folding hands or bowing, the elbow bump is more common in young people.

While Hyundai's reimagined logo is a clever way of spreading the message of clean hands, several other automakers around the world too have used their social handles to underline the importance of staying at home and maintaining hygiene to best fight the coronavirus pandemic. This includes Audi putting space between its four interlinked rings, Mercedes making its iconic three-pronged star smaller so it doesn't touch the outer circle and Volkswagen separating the V from W in its logo. (Read more here)

  • First Published Date : 02 Apr 2020, 12:56 PM IST