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If your car is still sporting an old or customized number plate, you may face the risk of being stopped and heavily fined on Delhi roads. This is because the Delhi transport department earlier this week launched a drive to ensure vehicles in the city are fitted with High Security Registration Plate (HSRPs) which are now mandatory here.

The What:

Chromium-based hologram plates, HSRPs have been made mandatory because these get laser-branded permanent ID numbers which cannot be forged. This ensures that number plates cannot be copied and either re-used or re-purposed. The process includes hot stamping on the HSRPs at the front as well as on the back.

The How:

All vehicles registered in Delhi before April 1 of 2019 need to have HSRPs. The process has been simplified with owners being asked to contact dealers which have been authorized by the government. A complete list of these dealers is available on the website of the state transport department. Alternatively, MYHSRP website has also been authorized to accept bookings.

It is also mandatory to get colour-coded fuel stickers affixed to the front windshield of vehicles. Cars on petrol or CNG get blue, diesel vehicles get orange and EVs get green. This makes it easy to identify which fuel type is being used by an individual vehicle.

Colour coded sticker on the front windshield. The blue in this image denotes this is a petrol vehicle.
Colour coded sticker on the front windshield. The blue in this image denotes this is a petrol vehicle.

Colour-coded stickers can also be ordered and procured by the same process as mentioned above.

The How Much:

Now there are two aspects to this - penalty and charges.

If your car doesn't have HSRP, you may be fined as much as 10,000.

Better is to pay between 400 and 1100 - depending whether it is a two or four wheeler - for the HSRP and an additional 100 for the colour-coded sticker.

It usually takes four to five days for the HSRP to be ready and delivered to the vehicle dealer.

Bookings made at the selected and authorized dealerships come with day and date which promise to negate rush here and the processof fixing the HSRP and sticker usually takes around 10 minutes.

More than 32 lakh vehicles, including 10-12 lakh cars and 20 lakh two-wheelers, registered before 2019, have to get the HSRP and third colour-coded sticker plates installed. According to reports, so far 4.5 lakh vehicles have complied.